Relief Therapeutic Youth Care Worker -Hamilton - Hamilton, MT

**Relief Therapeutic Youth Care Worker -Hamilton**

+ 13-Jan-2015 to 31-Jan-2017 (MST)

+ Hamilton, MT, USA

+ $9.40/hr

+ Other

The Relief Therapeutic Worker is a part time entry level line worker position that provides general care of at-risk children and youth and manages the treatment milieu and routine within a home. The Worker is the backbone of our quality of care and treatment for these youngsters.



Assist regular child-care staff in their duties, to include:


Managing group living and care, including:

? Overseeing preparation and delivery of meals

? Providing for transportation or residents

? Managing positive interaction and conflict resolution.

? Overseeing chores and general house cleaning/maintenance.

? Participating in house council meetings.


Work with youngsters in care, including:

? Providing guidance.

? Helping with life planning.

? Teaching life skills.

? Teaching communication skills.

? Assisting with relationship building skills.

? Teaching life skills.

? Teaching recreation skills.


Assisting implementation of recreational programs and activities:

? Supervising group recreational activities.

? Providing encouragement to residents to become involved in recreational activities outside of Center.

? Monitoring individual physical programs.


Meeting individual client needs:

? Providing individualized care.

? Providing appropriate and individual attention to youth in care.

? Doing informal counseling

? Participating in group therapy sessions.

? Advocating for needs of children.

e. Monitor individual behavior of youngsters in care.

Example of tasks:

? Provide praise and reward for positive behavior.

? Do intervention or confrontation of negative or destructive behavior.

? Give consequences.

? Teach and model appropriate behaviors.

? Record behavioral data.

B. Maintain program structure and assist with program accountability.

Example of tasks:

a. Provide input to individual treatment plans.

b. Make entries in administrative and behavioral logs.

c. Write up all incidents.

d. Stay abreast of all information in logs.

e. Write reports as necessary and required or requested.

f. Attend and participate in relief staff meetings.

g. Attend and assist with Corporate functions and meetings, as requested.


? Provide a safe living environment.

? Operate program as designed and directed.

? Accept supervision.

? Work within a team approach to treatment.

? Be available to have relationships with children in care.

? Communicate clearly, precisely and directly.

? Respond to needs of children in care.

? Provide consistency and structure.

? Be a role model.


? Sound moral character.

? Experience working with troubled youth in a paid or volunteer setting.

? Knowledge of adolescent development.

? Talents for supervising and working with young people.

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